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(∂ + m) ψ = 0

Love takes shape. Reflections and variations in the work of contemporary artists

“Whoever loves never knows what he loves, nor why he loves, nor what loving is…”
Fernando Pessoa

The challenge that DAY ONE launches for artists in this new exhibition is perhaps the most appealing yet – to artistically represent love, its forms and its manifestations.

The spark, the strength, the life energy that unites all living things, or most commonly defined as a feeling called love. Its manifestations and implications are multiple and infinite. You can love regardless of the nature of the object and without reciprocation. You can love something material or abstract like art, a habit or even an addiction. It is difficult to theorize something so common and yet so mysterious, elusive and controversial, and discussed by so many artists, writers and thinkers throughout human history.

Can there be a formula for love? Yes, according to physicist Paul Dirac, who summarizes it quantistically with his famous equation: if two systems interact for a certain period of time and then are separated, they can no longer be described as two distinct systems because in some way they remain one system, as one continues to influence the other. According to the theory, this happens to people who have interacted with one another for a period of time in a bond of love.

So, what does love mean to you?

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Technical Details

  • Title: (∂ + m) ψ = 0, Love takes shape. Reflections and variations in the work of contemporary artists
  • Theme: Love and its manifestations understood in the broadest sense
  • Dates: June 18 – 30, 2015
  • Gallery: Multiverso, via del Campo d’Arrigo 42 red, Florence
  • Number of pieces: 2 per artist
  • Daily exhibition times: Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Sat./Sun. by appointment)
  • Arrival in Florence: by Mon., June 15, 2015
  • Application deadline: Thurs., June 11, 2015

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