Palazzo Palagio di Parte Guelfa is one of the most beautiful and famous Florentine buildings and is located in the heart of the historical center, a few steps from Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza del Duomo. Its origins date back to early 1300 and originally included paintings by Giotto. During the 1400s and 1500s, Filippo Brunelleschi and Giorgio Vasari also added their unmistakable talents to the building. The beauty of its halls is known around the world and it now houses important artistic, cultural and scientific events. Above the Fourteenth Century ground floor Filippo Brunelleschi built a large and airy living room, today named Salone Brunelleschi. Its walls are adorned with columns and capitals in stone, the arched windows trimmed by tall rectangular frames, while the wooden ceiling was added by Giorgio Vasari. Sala del Caminetto (“Fireplace Room”) is a large bright room with an antique wooden roof and a majestic floor in a typical Florentine style. It houses many items salvaged from demolished buildings in the Old Market, such as the beautiful fireplace, which gives its name to the room, decorated with ancient urban emblems. Sala dei Drappeggi (“Drapery room”) is a rare beauty. Its walls are decorated with precious fabrics and draperies of ancient times and inside houses a collection of original clothes of the Florentine nobility. The roof is decorated with gold and purple, making the lounge truly unique.