Martina F. Maier

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“I am a self-taught artist and work and live in Upper Austria. Art means to me boundless freedom. I think one of the pros of beeing a self-taught artist is the fact of not beeing influenced by teachers or any school. It’s purely the expression of oneself. And that’s definitly what I am pursuing for in my artistic work: authenticity through experiments.
Though art has been part of my life since adolescence I never felt for making my works public – I enjoyed art for myself. This had changed after graduation from the University of Salzburg (communication studies) and my job in a local newspaper – I simply felt for more color in my life. So I quit the job, took a break and traveled through Europe. I came back very inspired and with the will to give creativity a chance.”

Martina F. Maier

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Main Exhibitions

Salzburger Kunstverein (A) Latte Grande, Vienna (A)
Le Chateau de Tronjoly, Gourin (F) Latte Grande, Vienna (A)
MoA, Miami (USA)
Galéria IX, Budapest (HU)
Solo exhibition, SchauRaum, Salzburg (A) DayOne/Multiverso, Florence (I)
Festival d’Europe, Florence (I) Edel&Trödel, Ried/I. (A) DayOne Collection, Florence (I)
Galerie Böhner, Mannheim (GER) Edel&Trödel, Ried/I. (A)

Catalogue of the end-of-the-year exhibtion, Salzburger Kunstverein magazin [18], annual report 2013 of the Salzburger Kunstverein
Catalogue „100 certified artists“, Museum of the Americas Salzburger Kultur Fenster, edition 29/2014
Catalogue „Contemporary Visions“, ArtCloud#5, DayOne Florence artfan.de, Kunst im Fokus: „Vorstellung Martina F. Maier -…“ (2014)

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