contemporary art mission

DAY ONE is a highly-skilled working  group  composed  of  professionals  in  communication  and  the arts  who  work  with qualified  partners  to  promote  and  develop  artistic projects, of which the most important is Contemporary Visions, a festival of contemporary languages which aims to promote artistic mobility around Europe and beyond.

DAY ONE is more than having a friend in Italy: it’s a partner for growth that is able to understand your needs and can design an exhibition tailored just for you!

Don’t waste time and money by doing exhausting research. In all of our services, we offer you the highest quality of professionalism:

  • A friendly alternative to expensive and complex international relations
  • reliable partner that takes care of all the details of your events
  • The security to be in order with Italian permits and regulations
  • Special creative and Media relations
  • High quality standard partners: the most beautiful locations, the safest transport services and equipment for artworks, best Italian food, best accommodations, and so much more…

Our Mission:

  • Improving the quality and variety of cultural services by way of new media.
  • Developing a new concept of communication in the cultural sector through online services.

Why Florence

It’s indescribably important in the life and career of each artist to hold an exhibition in Florence. Florence has been a source of inspiration for many visitors, and continues to be a leading destination for artists around the world.  It’s an amazing place to live and visit, a global city with a small-town community feel that offers convenient access to the rest of western Europe. Florence is considered by many to be a world cultural center thanks to the numerous well-known natives who over the years have paved the way for future artists, architects, scientists, thinkers, and writers. The birthplace of the Renaissance, best known for its dominance in the arts through artist such as MichelangeloDonatello and Brunellesch to name a few, now hosts the city’s newest generation of artist, artisans, and craftspeople.

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It’s your chance to perform in Italy; we call it, “An Italian Experience!