By airplane.

If you’re traveling from abroad the best way to reach Florence is by airplane. The closest airport is Firenze-Peretola, which is about 15 minutes by car or bus from the city center. The main companies that serve this airport are AirBerlin, AirFrance, Alitalia, Austrian Airline, Lufthansa and Meridian. If you’re traveling with a low-cost company such as Easy Jet or Ryanair the closest airport is Pisa (which is easily connected with Florence by train or coach).

By train.

If you travel by train you should know that the central station of Florence is Firenze Santa Maria Novella, located in the very heart of the city. Along this there are other smaller stations such as Firenze Campo di Marte or Firenze Rifredi that serve different areas and neighborhoods of the city slightly further out of the center.

If you’re coming from another part of Italy, travelling by train to Florence is easy thanks central positioning; Santa Maria Novella is easily and quickly accessible from Rome, Milan, Bologna or Venice using high speed trains (Freccia Rossa with Trenitalia or also Italo Treno), and everyday there are many trains to and from Pisa Centrale and Pisa Airport.

By car.

If you decide to reach Florence by car, again its centrally located position makes this incredibly easy. If you’re travelling from north to south using the highway A1 (Milano-Napoli) you have to exit at Firenze Nord (Florence North). Otherwise if you travel from Pisa (highway A11) you have to take the exit Firenze Ovest (Florence West).

If you need more information Google Maps is always a helpful tool.

How to reach Multiverso:

If you want join us at Multiverso for an event we can easily explain how to reach this thrilling and emerging center for the arts just few steps from the city center.

First of all the Multiverso is located in an area of Florence called Campo di Marte.

By train.

If you travel by train the closest station is Firenze Campo di Marte (that is reachable with all regional trains heading in the direction of Montevarchi, Arezzo, Chiusi, Foligno, Borgo San Lorenzo, Assisi, Chiusi).

By bus.

If you are already in Florence and you want reach the Multiverso by bus your lucky numbers are 17-20-3-10-1, all of which will bring you just about within a stone’s throw of our doors.

By car.

Finally, if you travel by car the closest highway exits are Firenze Sud on the A1 (Milano-Napoli) or Fiernze Ovest on the A11(the so called “Firenze Mare” from Pisa/Lucca).

This is our address:

DAY ONE c/o Multiverso

Via del Campo d’Arrigo 42/r

50131 – Florence (Italy)

Please check the map:’arrigo&ie=UTF-8&ei=7f47Ut2LI6_P4QSL34DoDg&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg

We will be very happy to meet you in our home in Florence!