The Florence Art Festival

Contemporary Visions is a festival of contemporary artistic languages in Florence that aims to promote first and foremost, with particular attention the visual arts such as painting, photography, video-art, installations, sculpture and various live performances, the young contemporary art scene. This festival, designed by DAY ONE, was born with the aim to discover new national and international talents and then give them the opportunity to promote themselves on the Florentine scene with an artistic experience in Italy unlike any other.

The festival stands in the heart of a highly connected European network which enables career development for new and established artists across a vast area of space. Contemporary Visions in Florence has already brought in more than 40 young artists from more than 30 countries in its first edition. From both the public and critics’ perspectives, the final result was a huge resounding success.

These events are developed on a 2.0 level. The classical establishment of an art exhibition has been merged with new technological approaches such as the use of QR Code that, with the easy use of a smart-phone, enable the improvement of the information given about artists and artworks. For this season we will design an App that enables our guests to properly interact with our exhibitions.

Who can participate

The Festival is open to all visual artists such as painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and video artists, of all ages and nationalities. Artists are totally free to choose the artwork(s) with which they want to participate, with only minimal advice and artistic guidance if required or deemed useful. By entering in the festival every artist will have the opportunity to take part in a group exhibition with international artists, which will last about a month. Each artist will be enjoy having a personal page designed for and about her or him in the exhibition catalogue, and he or she will also be promoted using online and offline press, our website, and other outlets of social media. Every opening will be organized as a unique event, with performers and aperitifs. The photos taken during the opening and the press release will be available online on the festival website. Contemporary Visions staff is completely responsible for setting up and dismantling the exhibitions, the graphic design and production of the catalogues and all of the promotional materials, as well as handling all activities in the press office and PR services and the administering of flyers.

Why Florence

It’s difficult to overstate just how important it is in the life and career of an artist to hold an exhibition in Florence at least once in their life. Florence has been a source of inspiration for many visitors and artists and continues to be a leading destination for artists around the world.  It’s an amazing place to live and visit, a global city with a small-town community feel that offers convenient access to the rest of western Europe. Florence is considered by many to be a world cultural center  thanks to the numerous well-known natives who have paved the way for future artists, architects, scientists, thinkers and writers. The birthplace of the Renaissance, renowned for its dominance in the arts (Michelangelo,DonatelloBrunelleschi…), now hosts the city’s newest generation of artists, artisans and craftspeople.


For us it’s vital that every artist has the widest visibility possible through proper promotion. Our goal is to establish new names on the Florentine and Italian art scene, and we accomplish that by spreading press releases to all the local and national media; we do flyering, we affix posters, and give away brochures all over the city. But our hard work and services don’t end there: we invite critics and journalists to our openings, we buy advertising space on websites and newspapers dedicated to art and culture, and we are in constant contact with local cultural institutions and tourist offices, all of which provides each artist with a fully formed and well-rounded promotional package to create interest. The program of each exhibition has been designed to reach the largest number of visitors and all the promotional materials reach standards of only the highest quality.


The festival will take place at Multiverso‘s gallery, a co-working space which is the house of DAY ONE. Multiverso is one of the most interesting contemporary spaces of the city, a meeting point for professionals in the arts, design, and communication attended by journalists, artists, architects, designers, photographers, and freelancers.
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These are all our basic services that we’re pleased to offer every artist who applies with hopes of taking part in the festival. However, we are also available to offer extra-customized services when required by the artist. The staff of “Contemporary Visions” is ready to listen to your requests and shape your tailored quote!

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