1.     What is DAY ONE?

DAY ONE is a highly-skilled working group composed of professionals  in  communication  and  arts  who  work  with qualified  partners  to  promote  and  develop  cultural  projects, providing prestigious exhibition opportunities.

DAY ONE is conceived with the idea to promote artistic mobility around Europe and beyond.

2.     Which is the DAY ONE’s mission?

Our Mission is to improve the quality and the variety of cultural services by new media. We aim is to develop a new concept of communication within the arts in the cultural sector through online services.


Young: a young and female-driven business idea, created by women and run by women;

Easy: we offer the fastest, most convenient, most friendly negotiations and organization by using the Web;

Social: modern communication strategies through the social media marketing;

Green: breaking down the costs of traditional activities by using the Web and offering online promotional options that don’t rely on traditional techniques.

3.     Where is DAY ONE based?

DAY ONE is based in Florence c/o Multiverso

Via del Campo d’Arrigo 42/r

50131 – Florence (Italy)

Please check the map:


4.     What is the Multiverso?

The Multiverso is a thrilling and young co-working space in the heart on Florence, which is also the house of DAY ONE and the main venue for the Festival of Contemporary Visions.https://dayone-art.com/?page_id=2822

5.     How can I reach the Multiverso?

The Multiverso is in Via Campo d’Arrigo, 40/42 red. The red numbering is the typical one for commercial funds and it’s not following a consecutive order.

For better orientation you can take as reference the civic black number 136.

Parkings are available at the stadium just two blocks away.

If you travel by public transports:

Buses: 17-20-3-10-1

Train stop station: Florence Campo di Marte

6.     Are there other venues available?

DAY ONE is currently collaborating with other venues all around Florence.

Please take a look in the Venues section https://dayone-art.com/?cat=6

7.Who are the people behind DAY ONE?
The people behind DAY ONE are a passionate and professional team of young women, which includes our project manager Ilaria Buselli; our PR and project account Sara Buselli; our social networking and project account Francesca Ferrari; and our Parisian partner Lia Elizabeth Ginepri.
If you want to know more about our team or contact them follow this link: https://dayone-art.com/?page_id=22

8.What are all the services that DAY ONE offers?
-Setting up and dismantling;


-Openings/Vernissage with aperitif and performances;

-Dealing with the costs of bureaucracy;

-Establishing and taking care of the venue;

-Invitations and communication through mailing lists;

-Press and social media marketing;

-Sales assistance;

-Design and printing of promotional materials (posters, flyers, critical texts);

-Distribution of advertising material;

-Photos and press releases available on-line;

-Annual DAY ONE association fee;

 9. Why does DAY ONE offer 2.0 service standards?

Our goal is to mix together the common ways of organizing exhibitions with new interactive tools such as QRcodes, social media interactions, and the streaming of the opening night event to create more immediacy.

10. How can I contact DAY ONE?
For general inquiries: info@dayone-art.com
For inquiries and applications regarding the Festival of Contemporary Visions: festival@dayone-art.com
To contact our staff members directly:

11. Why do I have to pay a fee?
DAY ONE has no financial assistance, either public or private. Each exhibition is funded by DAY ONE itself. That’s the reason why we ask for a fee to partially cover the costs. The registration fee is required to be able to offer our exceptional service, which includes:

-Setting up and dismantling exhibitions;

-Catalogues and writings;

-Opening night with aperitif and performances;

-Dealing with the costs of bureaucracy;

-Establishing and taking care of the venue;

-Invitations and communication through mailing lists;

-Press and social media marketing;

-Sales assistance;

-Design and printing of promotional materials (posters, flyers, critical texts);

-Distribution of advertising material;

-Photos and press releases available on-line;

-Annual DAY ONE association fee;

12. How can  I pay the fee?
The quickest way is PayPall using the form on our site: https://dayone-art.com/?page_id=47

Otherwise you can pay by bank transfer to:
DAY ONE Associazione Culturale

IBAN: IT27Z0760102800001005946254


Bank: Poste Italiane


In both cases, the title is: “ARTCLOUD # (the number of session chosen) exhibition.”

13. Is there any insurance for my artwork(s)?
We do not offer any form of insurance, but once the artworks have arrived at our office DAY ONE will undertake the task to ensure the utmost safety of the works. Unfortunately we are not responsible for damage incurred during shipments, as it is not a service directly carried out by our staff.

14. What if someone wants to buy my artwork(s)?
All artworks are for sale – unless there are different agreements with the artist – and DAY ONE will keep 20% of the sale as commission, while the rest will go directly to the artist.

15. How can I send my artwork(s)?
You can choose any and every way you wish to send your artwork(s). Usually we suggest couriers or international mail because is the safest and quickest way to ensure that your works arrive in a timely fashion. The most important issue for us is that the shipments must arrive at least 5 working days before the opening. At the end of the exhibition we will be happy to send back any unsold artwork(s) by couriers which will then have to be paid for by the artist by card or in cash on delivery.

16. What is the Festival of Contemporary Visions?
Contemporary Visions is a festival of contemporary languages that aims to promote, with particular attention given to the visual arts (painting, photography, video-art, installations, sculpture…) and various live performances, the young contemporary art scene.

This festival, designed by DAY ONE, was born with the aim to discover new national and international talents, giving them the opportunity to promote themselves on the Florentine scene with an unforgettable artistic experience in Italy.

This festival stands in the heart of a European network which provides the perfect atmosphere in which the career of new and established artists can flourish. “Contemporary Visions” has already brought into  Florence more than 40 young artists from more than 30 countries in its first edition. The result was a huge success according to the public and the critics, both of whom had fantastic responses.

These events are developed on a 2.0 level. The classical establishment of an art exhibition has been merged with new technological approaches such as the use of QR Code that, with the easy use of a smart-phone, allow for the improvement of the information given concerning and describing the artists and their artworks.

For this season we have also designed an App to enable our guests to properly interact with our exhibitions.

17Which are the sessions available?
The sessions, that we’ve called Art Cloud, are scheduled as follow:

 ARTCLOUD#1: 10-31 January 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)

ARTCLOUD#2: 7-30 March 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)

ARTCLOUD#3: 4-27 April 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)


ARTCLOUD#4 : June 2014 @Liguria, Portovenere / Le 5 Terre (TBC)


ARTCLOUD#5: 8-30 November 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)

18. How I can apply for the Festival of Contemporary Visions?
If you want to participate, please send us the applications form, filled with all the required information, to festival@dayone-art.com, and please be sure to attach all of the following:

- High quality picture(s) of your artwork(s)

- High quality headshot of yourself, the artist

- Curriculum Vitae

- A brief description of your artwork(s) (max 10 rows)

Please, download the Application Form here!


19. Are there any limitations?

Registration is open to everyone! The only limitation that we had to apply is with regards to the size. Each artist can participate with a maximum of 4 artworks, for a maximum surface of 1 square meter. The theme or the subject matter is completely open to the artist’s interpretation. All themes are welcome here.

20. How and when do I have to pay the fee?
The fee is required to confirm the success of every application. The fee has to be contributed before sending your artworks and usually at the moment of the application. This is the only way to book a place in one of our exhibitions. To know how to pay take a look at question number 12.

21. What if I can’t attend the opening?
We would be utterly delighted to have you as guest for the opening, but if you can’t attend then please don’t worry. We will send you some copies of the catalogue and you will be able to check the press kit and the pictures from the opening on both our website and our Facebook page. Don’t worry!

22. What do I have to do at the end of the exhibition to have my artwork(s) returned safely?
You only have to give your credit card number to the courier for the payment or offer cash to the courier at the time of delivery. After that all you have to do is wait patiently to get your artworks back, which will be delivered straight to the address with which you provided us.

 23What I have to do to be involved in the Festival as volunteer or Intern?

For each of our events we are looking for volunteers to join our team, to give their energy to a young and thrilling project! We’re looking for people interested in contemporary art and the performing arts, ready to work in our openings and give their practical and creative contributions. In order to participate as a contributing volunteer and a leading figure in our mission to promote more contemporary art, the volunteer’s duties are concerned with but not limited to supporting the organization of our events in every way possible, assisting the art director, assisting in the promotion of artists and exhibitions, and assuming the role of receiving and welcoming and taking care of the audience during our openings.

What we offer in return is an experience in a young and relaxed working environment, although professional and highly competent. A certificate reporting and keeping track of volunteer’s attendance will be given to all the volunteers in order to use it as a document for the transfer of school credits (according to the rules/agreement of the each institute) or as an official statement for your CV.

Send your application, enclosing your CV to:


Volunteer coordinator