That Florence is the city of art par excellence is known. Millions of tourists every year trample the streets in search of art, history , sun, good food and fine craftsmanship. But Florence is not only a tourist destination for hit and run journeys, in fact more and more people are deciding to spend a period of their life, such as vacation or sabbatical study, here. Living in Florence means to walk among the monuments of the great history everyday, visit the sumptuous palace and gardens, taste the local produce in local markets or in local inns. If you like the idea of spending a period in the name of “Florentine” we recommend the five artistic experiences that you absolutely must do in order to learn the secrets of this city .

1 . If you are fond of metals can not lose the courses of the prestigious Artistic Jewellery, founded by Giò Carbone, it’s the only accredited agency for the release of European Diplomas with legal validity  throughout Europe and around the world . It is located in the district of Santo Spirito / San Frediano, populated by artists and artisans, and offers to visitors a human experience pretty intense.

2 . For aspiring photographers the best school is definitely the Fondazione Studio Marangoni, which offers a high quality education to future generations of photographers and artists, through a differentiated interdisciplinary curriculum, from entry level to advanced specialization .

3 . For fashion victims the right school is definitely the Polimoda, a center of higher education for the fashion industry internationally recognized. Form all the major profiles in the industry – from design, marketing and management , communication – in constant contact with the business world .

4 . For those who want to follow in the footsteps of the great Italian design school is absolutely reference the ISIA , born precisely to form new generations of professionals who are able to follow the experience of the Italian design. The teaching is based on experimental methods and research , strongly based on the practical experience of laboratory and in connection with the production companies , both local and multinational companies.

5 . Finally, for the true artists suggest courses of the Academy of Fine Arts, which in addition to the well-known courses in painting and art history, offers innovative approaches with courses in digital applications for the visual arts , graphic design, but also economics and market art .

So if you want to be an artist in Florence, this is you need to know, of course, the experience and the opportunities are endless because Florence never ceases to amaze. Try it!Lorenzo-Michelini-Fotografo-Foto-Alchimia-Scuola-Gioielli-Firenze10                Photo by Lorenzo Michelini